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This game project include adult theme such as;

  • Boys Love (Romance between Males)
  • Nudity, Strong Language
  • Graphic Depiction of Violence
  • Rape, Dehumanization, Slavery
  • Mental and physical Issues

Proceed with cautions.

Title: Leodetable Institute

Developer: Dearsoul Visual, Bellpickle Studio

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: R-18

Language: English

Engine: RPG Maker MV, Mixcraft 7

A BL (Boys Love a.k.a. Male and Male romance story) visual novel with RPG attribute to play the world. Side scrolling map.

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Summary: In the world of Varr, magic was a major power, lauded yet feared by all. The leaders of the past once forbade the practice of sorcery and death sentence would befall those who dared to use it. The gods, enraged by such deed, decided to destroy their life by releasing a beast known as "Magaran".

The last few wizards managed to calm the gods and return Magaran to where it came from. They made a pact with the leaders of humans and the gods, which was to gather every single person bearing the potential of magic in order to teach them how to control their power, so that they would not rebel against the kings. Leodetable Institute was one of those. The existence of the institute was still appalling to commoners that they had to remain hidden while gathering their students.

Adri, a blind tailor who've lost his memories five years ago, found a strange letter behind his workshop. It detected him as a dangerous latent wizard. By seconds, The Hunters dragged him to a broken door of dimension and put him under custody. He was forced to become Leodetable Institute's student and to learn control his power in minimum four years study without any contact from outsider.

The characters which Adri could follow were four. Saputra was Adri's roommate who talked so much. They quarreled almost every day. The captain of O.S. (Organization of Student), Wood seemed love to annoy Adri so much to the point Adri wished to never know him. Seal and Rafi were the main character's classmates with abuser-and-his-victim relationship.

As he live under its roof, Adri found out that the minister of this institute was planning to overthrow the kingdom. Seal wanted to counter-act that and invited Adri to be one of his member. At the same time, Di-On, a mysterious kid, told him to get out of there as soon as possible.

Will Adri stay or will he go? [ErdaEnos]


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Current Progress:

Target Deadline: Fall 2018

Story Progress:

  • Stage 01 Completed + Beta Read
  • Stage 02 Completed + Beta Read
  • Stage 03 A & B Completed + Processed by Beta
  • Stage 04 A1 80% + A2 73%
  • Stage 04 B1 65% + B2 89%
  • Stage 05 Bias

Total Words currently: 207,720

Character Sprite:

  • Main Charas Completed (Yet to be animated)
  • Secondary 58 + Bias
  • Enemies 7 of 20 (main boss) + 23 spawns (Bias)
  • Map Sprites 50% (in-animated)

Map Tilesets N/A (Processed to be removed)

Map Painting :

  • Manche City Complete
  • Leodetable Institute Central Tower 15%
  • Leodetable Institute Black Tower 30%
  • Leodetable Institute Blue Tower 0% (Bias)
  • Leodetable Institute Red Tower 0%
  • Leodetable Institute White Tower 0%
  • Underground System 22%
  • Dungeons 35% (For Test Play)
  • Realm of ???? 100% (Coded + Beta)

Battle Game-play 50% (basic turn based is going smoothly)

BGM Complete

HUD Complete

=+=+= "Leodetable Institute" is the project's name, not yet the game title. We will eventually change it to more proper name. =+=+=+=

We are currently searching for animator for our sprites. If you are interested, contact us: tumblr or e-mail: commission.erdaenos@gmail.com

To the know the latest update of the progress, follow us via tumblr.

To support us, donate via paypal or patreon!



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Leodetable Institute DEMO (09June2017)

Development log


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I tried downloading it but it hasn't been able to work. Is there any other file you'd be able to give me?

Ah, sorry for the inconvenience. 

Do you mean the download link or the installation that hasn't been able to work? 

So far there hasn't any broken link report. I'll check it up tonight. If, it's the installation, may I know the specification of your computer? 

will there be a demo available for mac? I´d love to test this game :)

Yes, there will be one for mac... but, after we change the engine from RPGMaker to Unity. So, it should be working better.

May the stars bless your path.

Hello! :) I just wanted to share some toughts about my exprence playing the demo. It's quite buggy but it's an early demo so whatever. I'm not gonna talk about that. Firstly, let me tell you I love the idea with that interactive side scrolling map. And the art! It's lovely. I honestly don't know what was I expecting but you got me suprised several times with plot. I don't want to spoiler anything but man. I know I'm squishy about nearly everytging but really, the characters creeped me out for a moment there. Definitely nice suprise.
Good luck with the game! I'm definitely interested once it's out! :)

Demo is here~! :D

To tell you the truth, I've been re-arranging Leodetable's threads in Lemma Soft, RPG Maker and Aarin Forums. Scheduled those thread to be done by April this year while the game itself at Fall 2017.

It took me years to finalize the script and settle down to use RPG Maker MV for the game engine which I need to learn first... Those were the reason why I have yet update the older threads.

I'll link all related addresses especially the tumblr one, since it's the one with gradual report of progress.

Created an account just to say how much I'm looking forward to this game. I discovered the game through it's old Lemma Soft forum's thread from all the way back in 2014. I thought the game had been canceled but then I googled it and found your tumblr and this page. You should update that thread with a link to itch.io.