Flooded Ruined Temple

Vya all!

It has been awhile since the last time I wrote a proper devlog. With coffee at my right and piles of sketches, I stood on a firm believe this project's going much slower than I'm expecting. Keeping up around the Unity programming side of world is a bit out-of-my-head at the moment. Therefore I'm focusing all my attention to the visual side instead! There are several new CGs and common maps I've yet touch before. The system I use to create them is little by little periodically between all. This way, I'm not that easily bored. On the side note, a new song's done! Vocalized and Arranged by Ancentrya, "Draught of Living-Doll". I tweak here and there for the style to make it even more beautiful.

Sorry, it sounded like rambling.

In this devlog, I want to talk about Imina. Imina is a fictional religion that believe in living gods/goddesses and I will bring this social arrangement to be the basic of most of my projects world-building (Varr). In Leodetable Institute, Adri and Saputra believe in a living God (Gwena in their word) named Wido. She’s The Goddess of Sea. Ironically, Adri’s least element is water. Between two distinct styles of NPC and Background, I had to create the in-between to make this statue.

The temple of Gwena Wido is referenced from a traditional village in my hometown which has multiple giant bowls next to every road. These stone-bowls were used to gather water from rain into a drainage system, connected to each other in a circular way before direct it to the nearest pond. Although for the particular section I showed in the picture, the temple's been separated by heavy flood.

Trivia: There are ten elementals in Varr, each with respective living God/Goddess, which won’t be explained inside Leodetable storyline. Here are their names:

  • Fire/Sun (Fyt Upos)
  • Wind/Song (Vimyku)
  • Water/Ice (Wido)
  • Earth/Gravity (Bour)
  • Thunder/Electricity (Kryt El)
  • Steel/Iron (Savr)
  • Holy/Light (Leago)
  • Darkness/Shadow (Anyrema)
  • Soul/Life (Dyod Un Lacrus)
  • Time/Memory (Rya Un Lacrus)

I guess that's all for today. I'll see you all on the next log~

May the stars bless your path.

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