Update and Honesty

Vya People!

I have been thinking how much time passed by and Leodetable Institute progress has became slower and slower. Reason? Because I’m trying to learn how to use Unity the harsh way and taking part time jobs since my freelance weren’t as good anymore. I’ve got no enough time to work on it. It’s getting to effect my health too. These unfortunate situation had forced my hands to delay LI’s release. I will announce the new date of release later on.

To be honest, at this right moment, I have a setback at unity’s programming then thinking to return to RPG Maker again (since I’m more familiar with RPGMkr logic, you know, that one I used for the demo) just so I can finish making this project alone. There is a possible way to “remaster” LI with Unity after I’ve done with the first release. I love Leodetable but I love more to deliver the result of five-years-obsession and restless nights to you right on time. Changing game engine won’t stunt any features I’m planning to include although only a select OS will be able to play the game. (Blame RPGMaker)

Forgive me for hiding this for a long time. It’s hard for me to admit my capability to use Unity is only partial and my effort in it had wasted the schedule I’ve made. As stubborn as I am, I finally realized what I did was ridiculous and reckless.

In conclusion, LI’s going to be returned to RPGMaker engine for the first release. For this moment, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (as long as your computer can use OpenGL) are able to play Leodetable Institute.


Moving on to technical issues. The doubled face which sometimes pop-up mid-events are from overloaded pictures. The RAM used is running from 3.5 Gb to 4.2 GB after we enter an hour playtime strike. It seems there's several memory leaks from the projects because I'm using Moghunter's plug-ins without their 'memory controller'.


For next couple weeks, I'm going to edit the demo section to follow the latest edited scripts and controlled CGs. Also, since my blog in t*mblr has been refusing to upload any posts, I'll be moving every updates here instead for now. These updates were often short and usually weekly on Tuesday/Thursday.

Aaaand, that's it for this log!

May the stars bless your path.

Major Update Summary is here again! October 2017 - February 2018

Story Progress:

  • Stage 01 Completed + Beta Read + Ready to play +
    • Adding Event Strips
    • Recover Missing Events
  • Stage 02 Completed + Beta Read + Editing Conditional Branches+
    • Realm of Memories Extra Clips
  • Stage 03 A & B Completed + Beta Read
  • Stage 04 A1 95% + A2 90%
    • Normal End 1 of 2
    • Worst End 5 of 8
    • Bad Ends 3 of 4
  • Stage 04 B1 90% + B2 89%
    • Bad End 4 of 6
    • Normal End 0 of 2
    • Worst End 4 of 10
  • Stage 05 15%

Character Sprite:

  • Main Charas Completed
  • Secondary 58 + Bias
  • Enemies 10 of 20 (main boss) + 23 spawns (Bias)
  • Map Sprites Animated 3 of 55

Map Painting :

  • Manche City 100% + Extra 2 of 5 + Lower Memory Leak
  • Leodetable Institute Central Tower 50%
  • Leodetable Institute Black Tower 44%
  • Leodetable Institute Blue Tower 100% (Bias)
  • Leodetable Institute Red Tower 0%
  • Leodetable Institute White Tower 0%
  • Dungeons 43% (Forest, Deep Forest, Underground, Dessert, Mirror)
  • Realm of ???? 30% (Change of Style, Balanced)

Battle Game-play (Under Balancing Progress)

Trigger Buttons and Other Interactive Conditions *Re-evaluated*

Mini-Game/Puzzle *Re-evaluated*

BGM Completed *Under Revision* SAMPLE

SFX *Under Revision* 60%

Get Leodetable Institute (R18 BL) (Work in Progress)

Pre-order Now$16.00 USD or more


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Sometimes, it's best to step back and make some decisions in the best interest of the game. 
Your struggle will definitely bear fruit! Never give up & good luck! ><

Aww, you're so nice! Thanks, Chiel~ <3

Keep up the good work to you too!

These decisions can be hard to make, but it;s understandable. Learning to use Unity myself, I can understand the struggles. In the end, you have to do what is manageable for you. Best of luck! I look forward to updates :)

Ahh, thank you so much for understanding. It's been a long journey to reach this decision. Look out for more updates. 😌

Best of luck to you too.

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I pre-ordered because it was not Windows only...maybe Ren'py is more easy to use than Unity and it's free.

I would be happy just with a Visual Novel running on everything ^^

A plain VN without animation but with the same plot and characters would be great!
Or you are going to refund people without Windows as main OS?

BTW,If you use  RPG Maker MV,you can make the game for Mac and Linux too :)

Sorry for the inconvenience....

Yes, RPGMaker MV does have the ability to create the game for Mac and Linux. Although, they created several new bugs I had yet able to dismantle (from when I tried on a friend's mac) so far, the game turned unplayable in these. That's why I focused on Windows first before jumping into other OS. I am still planning on releasing LI to Mac and Linux with different release dates.

About the refund, I will be contacting you in near future via PM. :)

May the stars bless your path.


And I don't need a refund,I own 3 machines (Mac,Linux,Windows).

I just prefer to play on Mac or Linux (better desktop environment).
And I was curious to know if the game was going to be made for non Windows users ^^

Have a nice day!