Prianestu and all Character Faces

Vya, people!

I mentioned that I have trouble with uploading into t*mblr for this kind of update. That is why this devlog will be short... Here we go!

Basically, I've finalized the ancient words of "Imina" known as "Syn-Urose". That's why I made better version of all Magus (a.k.a. experienced magic-users) with these runes growing all over their bodies.

...and there's a lot more new expressions from other characters too! I resized their heads so they don't look too zoomed in. Separating between teen/child and the old people.

Oh, also I named the stages. Demo timeline is 1st half of the stage 1.

Stage 01Down with Illness
Stage 02The Catalysts
Stage 03 (Route A)Trails of Blood
Stage 03 (Route B)Skeleton in A Cage
Stage 4???????? (Secret!! :3)

That's it for this devlog~  Hope you all get a good day....

May the stars bless your path!

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