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Vya all! Good day and welcome to Leodetable's development log (devlog)!

Learning to use Unity is much smoother than I expected and I am now able to create animated characters far more pleasing to look at. Adri and Saputra's sprites are all done.... I may need to create the menu from scratch again and all the RPG elements to be implemented. Hopefully I can finally add the puzzles for the next scene after demo sequence this month! *spoiler*It may seems a bit complicated since Adri died in the demo. *Spoiler* Also, I found out someone put Leodetable in Youtube! It is the greatest dream I ever get... Here take a looksie! It was played by UkieKookie. 

As I am a solo creator, I have created a crowdfund campaign via Indiegogo. Become our backers and get discount for "Leodetable Institute"! Support us here!

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