Forest Area

Vya, people!

Today, I drink mix of coffee and chocolate which only making me rather sleepy... On the other hand, I get my focus to actually finish the map! I've been creating the forest area which has three parts. It took two weeks straight and a broken pen to finish them.... I had to wait for three days for the replacement to come. Never the less, I get to put several puzzle around the route like where to jump, sling and create temporary magic floor.


Talking about enemies, I've updated a few monstrosities. (I love them so much) Most of the new ones are taken from my own hair-clip and vases. We are still need fish-based monsters.

...and about the campaign, I'm still wondering if I'll be activating "In Demand" immediately. There are still eight days left before its end. All I can say for now, Thank you very much for this sweet support of my work! I am really happy there are so many people being nice with me.

[Outside of, you can find me here.] [For Pre-order you can go here.]

That’s for this week, folks! See you again soon!

May the stars bless your path.

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